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Crystal Healing Certification Program


 Level 1 + Level 2


Crystal Healing Certification Course w/ Mariah K. Lyons

You love crystals and minerals, everything about them. You buy them for your friends, yourself and maybe place them all over your home. They have become part of your self-care routines, you might even already cleanse yours in the moonlight, but besides reading a how-to book, you’re not so sure what else to do with them.

Now what? What do you actually do with crystals? What are crystals? And how can a rock help your health, business, your clients or your family?

Develop a deep understanding of the minerals and how they can best support you to live the life of your dreams.

We are in a period of intense transformation and activation upon the planet that we can utilize to either expand and carry us forward or stay where we are. There might be a nagging feeling within you, your soul nudging you to explore something new and expand past your current limits and perhaps the time has come for you to deepen your connection to the earth and awaken to the healer within. The minerals are here to help support this process and activate and attune the divine potential within you.

Awaken to your highest alignment.

This LIVE Crystal Certification Program is taught by ASTARA Founder, Author and Crystal Healer Mariah K. Lyons and over 15 years of expertise working with minerals both personally and professionally.


Increase your sensitivity of energy, boost your magnetism and strengthen your health as you learn to harness the bioenergetic principles of minerals. Learn to tap into your own healing capabilities within yourself and the power of the earth beneath you. These principles will be taught for self-healing and quantum manifestation as well as for use on a practitioner level as an additional modality of support in therapy, energy healing, massage, skincare, chiropractic care, nutrition, reiki, meditation, yoga, education and physical therapy.


Practitioner Level Crystal Healer Training Program with international Crystal Healer and Author Mariah K. Lyons and you will receive a certificate of completion upon graduation with completed requirements. 


 All sessions will be held *LIVE* over Zoom and a link will be sent upon registration. 


Friday January 15th, 2020: 4pm-6pm pst

Saturday January 16th, 2020 10am-6pm pst

Sunday January 17th, 2020 10am-4pm pst

**There will be an online test due within 2 weeks of online course along with a practice evaluation due within 2 weeks for final meeting. 

Saturday January 30th, 2020 10am-6pm pst

Sunday January 31st, 11am-1pm pst

**Limited space available. We will cap the session at capacity. 

 Payment plan offered below through PayWhirl + ASTARA. You will be charged $333/month for 3 months beginning with your initial payment of $333 upon registration, with 2 more payments made 30 days apart thereafter. 

**No cancellations or refunds after training has taken place. 


Please email to inquire about any additional questions.