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The PROTECTION Kit is a curated collection of crystals and minerals to help anchor a frequency of protection and grounding. Ideal in your work space as it also assists to mitigate disharmonious electromagnetic frequencies from your technology in your environment and helps to keep your surroundings clear of heavy energy. Each crystal works in harmony with one another to transmute, transform and ground your energy field. 

Designed for high traffic areas, next to laptops, computers, modems and printers. 

Each crystal is hand selected for highest quality minerals. 


The PROTECTION Kit: 2" Shungite cube, 4" Large Brazilian Smoky Quartz, 1" Zebra Jasper Pyramid, 1-2" Hematite, 4" Sustainably Harvested Mt. Shasta Sage Stick 

*Each collection comes with a linen bag and instructional card.