Our Story

ASTARA was created with the vision that shoes should be both functional and purposeful. A meaningful, intentional (and fashionable) piece that could connect you to the balancing pulse of the earth, which is often blocked from urban living and the conventional rubber soles.

Our shoes are made in the USA and Spain, and handcrafted by master artisans in downtown Los Angeles using vegetable tanned Italian leather, genuine gemstones, and sustainable materials.

We’ve paired artisan design with sustainably sourced stones to create a collection of footwear that instantly connects you to the planet, to the collective—and yourself.

The sole of each shoe is designed to tune in and amplify the Earth’s resonant frequency (a vibration of 7.83HZ, to be exact). When you slip on a pair of ASTARA shoes, every step you take grounds you in a natural state of balance, syncing you to the Earth's electromagnetic field.

We believe that through a mindful connection to self, community, and our Earth, we can heal individually and collectively. We’ve made it our mission to make beautiful pieces that don't destroy our planet. A portion of each purchase made goes directly into grassroots nonprofits, promoting Earth Conservation and sustainability.

Founder, Mariah de La Mer


Mariah Isabella de La Mer

Mariah knows shoes. She also knows holistic well-being. 

She spent years as a publicist at luxury footwear brand Jimmy Choo, before leaving the corporate world to venture into her deeper calling of wellbeing and healing. Before her time at Choo, Lyons trained and danced professionally in New York and Los Angeles. She deeply understands importance of our connection between our feet and the ground in relation to body alignment and overall wellbeing.

After leaving her corporate gig, Mariah spent several years traveling the world visiting sacred sites to study under master healers and teachers, and to learn a variety of healing modalities before herself becoming a meditation teacher, reiki master and wellness designer.

Mariah is always looking for new ways to integrate crystal technology and earth resonance into the modern day lives of her global clientele. Having always been hypersensitive to emfs and electronic pollution, she wanted to find a way to shield herself from these rays in an elevated aesthetic. She developed ASTARA as a way to ground Earth healing into a modern, urban dwelling world, and as a way to fuse the luxury fashion market with wellness, blending higher consciousness concepts as well as local and sustainable manufacturing into the footwear world.


Mission Statement


We believe in the Oneness of all things, across time and space. It is through our connection to all, that we remember our wholeness, our sovereignty, and our inherited power to create worlds.

Our Mission is to create sustainable luxuries that bridge the worlds of spirit and matter, deeply connecting individuals to nature and their own landscape within.