Jennifer Pauline, Soho House Community Manager, Founder With/Creators

Jennifer Pauline is an Astara woman through and through. She is the embodiment of what it means to be grounded while also having an expansive, empowering presence in the world. With a career as the Community Manager at Soho House that has her jetting all over the world, she still manages to bring to life two passion driven organizations in her LA homebase: With Creators and Fashion For Breakfast LA. We’re honored she wears Astara to help her connect with Earth energy and ground in the many visions and inspirations she has to share with the world.

ASTARA:  What are you stepping into in your journey?

JENNIFER PAULINE: The fullness of who I am, my wholeness in every area of my life. Not limiting, reducing or minimizing how I show up in any situation.

A: What is an intention that you carry with you?

JP: To give myself more grace and forgiveness so that I can extend that to others as well.

A: What is your favorite memory in nature?

JP: Walking through Yoyogi Park in Tokyo last year. It was the perfect day as I set out to do some walking, meditating and observing. After walking through the park, being still by the lake and standing before the Kiyomasa Well (which is known to radiate positive energy) I went to the Meji Shrine. It was there that I wrote a prayer and experienced a traditional Japanese Wedding ceremony. It was one of the most magical experiences of my life.

A: How do you stay grounded?

Prayer, praise, worship and powerful connections. These keep me focused on what truly matters in this world: divine purpose, intention, expansion and consistent transformation.

A: What are you "grounding in" on this planet?

JP: Bringing joy to people and serving them through meaningful connections, conversation and experiences.