As we move through July, we are feeling the creative energy all around us and we were called to share with you how you can harness this energy and connect deeply with your creativity this month (or whenever you are called to! - bookmark this post to visit whenever you need a creativity boost).

You hold within you unlimited creative potential. This ritual connects you to the eternal Shakti energy within the creative power of the Universe.

Perform the activating ritual before embarking upon creative sessions, work, or conscious conception, or when you are feeling stuck, uninspired, or apathetic about your creativity. Let it light the fire within you, and let your creativity fuel and manifest your greatest dreams.

This ritual is best performed during the day, as it is quite activating; however, try to find a space where you can create a darkened room so that you can focus on the candle.

BEST TIME OF DAY: Morning or afternoon
TIME NEEDED: 15 to 20 minutes
FREQUENCY: Weekly, daily, or as frequently as needed
WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Carnelian, kunzite, moonstone, and candle


#1. Sit in a comfortable cross- legged position.

#2. Place the carnelian in your lap (on your legs), the moonstone in your right hand, and the kunzite in your left hand with the candle in front of you.


#3. Close your eyes and take some deep, centering breaths.

#4. Open your eyes and light the candle. Take a few moments and gaze at the dancing 

flame. Notice the colors, feel the warmth, and witness the light created by this single flame. Invite the vision of the flame into your womb to reignite your own internal flame.




#5. Envision the light of the flame flickering within your Sacral Chakra. Visualize a bright warm orange glow filling your womb. This is the spark of life, the spark of all creation. It glows brighter with each breath. The warmth radiates out from your womb and fills your entire body.


#6. Say this activation mantra out loud:

    “I am the flame that never goes out. I create worlds upon worlds. I birth life into form and visions into reality. I fully embrace and activate my Divine Feminine Shakti, the powerful creatrix within, bringing forth new creations of endless possibility.”

    #7. Feel your creative fire burn- ing brightly, activating your divine creatrix within. This fire brings your creations into reality. Imagine and intend that this fire never burns out; it is a constant flame of creativity; it is ever burning.

    #8. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Allow this energy to continue to move through you

    #9. Try spending some time after this ritual to write, paint, sing, dance, or create in whatever way feels most inspiring.
    We want to see you put this ritual into action, so if you try it out don’t forget to snap a quick photo and share it with us on Instagram @ASTARA