Grounded - we hear the phrase used in many ways: Grounded in truth, grounded decision making, they are grounded.

The experience of feeling settled, calm, at ease, centered, and sound is powerful. It is also our natural state, which is easy to forget in a time of constant digital connection, consumerism, and stimulation.

After years of urban living, Astara was created as a tool to help you carry the energetic power of Earth and natural elements with you throughout your day, especially in times that don’t include much (or any) close connection, observance, or commune with nature and do include an intense barrage of electrical stimulation, screen time, and harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) and radiation.

While there is no substitute for the Mother, our shoes are created with an eye to modern life as a tool to help you stay connected to your natural state and consistently mitigate the aging, wearing effects it has on a body still evolved for pre-civilization times.

Both simple and profound, grounding is the process of connecting to the energetic frequencies of mother earth or plainly, connecting with nature. For this reason, we call the action of grounding “Earthing” here at Astara.

Earthing is nothing new, but there is a newness in our societal discussion about it because no longer is daily connection with the earth a given, or necessity for survival. We once spent our days barefoot, gathered our water from fresh steams, and gathered, grew, hunted, and harvested our own food. In this way we were taught from birth to honor our live giving Earth, feel the resonance of the ground, listen and learn from the subtle shifts of nature and respond accordingly.

Today, industrial society has made the fulfillment of basic needs highly convenient. Yet the necessity for a connection to the earth and it’s energetic, vibrational power is as vitally important as ever (if not more so) to our health, healing, and connection to the inner wisdom that resides in all of us.

When we practice Earthing, we are in direct connection to and relationship with nature, tuning in to its particular resonance, subtly absorbing it’s intelligence, and allow it to act like a tuning for on our body so we vibrationally sync up.

Science has come to recognize these effects as well. The particular frequency of the Earth is called the Schumann Resonance (named for the mathematician who established the descriptive equation to calculate resonance) and radiates at 7.83hz. Studies have shown that when humans are exposed to and attune with this frequency, the nervous system is restored to a parasympathetic (relaxed) state, the negative effects of industrial electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and radiation are lessened, our bodies natural healing capabilities are activated causing inflammation to decrease and cellular reconstruction initiate, and sleep patterns are normalized. These outcomes have been found in studies of individuals after only 20 minutes in nature. We have no other modern modality whose effects are so dramatic, conclusive, and far reaching.

As we are in a time of great attention toward wellness of the mind and body, we must turn to nature's ever abundant source of energy and healing -  the source that ancient cultures from around the world utilized as their primary healing tool. When we tune into the energetic wellspring provided by the Earth natural resonance, our body comes back into its own natural flow of balance and innate power.

If you live in a metropolis, make it a priority to seek out nature. Full excursions in to nature are powerfully healing and the reason why a digital detox has become vernacular - it is necessary and effective. But short of this, take small actions as simple as surrounding yourself with plants in an office setting, or on your lunch break take a walk and touch the bark of a tree planted in the sidewalk.  

Utilize your ASTARA shoe as an ally for modern life, an earthing tool and charger. Throughout the day, and especially on intensely demanding days or when you wake up feeling drained, connect with the sole of your shoe. We have embedded a piece programmed at the powerful earth frequency of 7.83hz to energize, support, and protect your natural body as you live a modern life.

What’s more, this continued connection to earth resonance will help you stay closely connected to your inner wisdom - that place of deep knowing that ultimately will guide your through your days and ensure you are acting in alignment with your highest self, purpose, and mission here on planet earth.