EMF Protection x ASTARA

 If we think of our whole being as an ecosystem unto itself, in relationship with the world and consciousness around us, it allows us to consider the subtle influences and changes of our surroundings with greater weight. We are intentionally evolved with a sensitivity, attunement, and bodily knowledge of the subtle shifts that influence us.

Astara was born as a tool to harness earth wisdom and technology that supports well-being in  modern, everyday life. One such element of exposure that our finely attuned systems are influenced by is the presence of modern Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) and radiation (EMR’s) that has drastically increased with the technological advancements of the smartphone and advent of 5G wireless internet.

While the issue of electromagnetic pollution can be tempting to denounce as solvable only in retreating from technology all together, we must be willing to allow that mother earth can and will provide the antidote for any issue we face even even as technological advancements become seemingly more complex. Culturally we continue to separate ourselves from the earth, so we must now engage our inherent creativity in bringing mother earths tools and wisdom close to our daily lives in ways that are cohesive and aligned. This is key to ensuring we thrive alongside technological advancements that are amplified in urban centers and by those whose paths require constant digital connectivity.

Astara utilizes earth technologies that are supportive in mitigating the effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation exposure. Powerfully energetic, crystals are highly effective in application alongside EMF’s due to the ability of their unique anisotropic structure (meaning they vary directionally and cause refraction) to absorb electromagnetic energy within a crystalline web. In this way they have a neutralizing effect on electromagnetic emissions and protect our body and energetic field. Similarly, each footbed is embedded with a plate programmed to resonate at earths vibrational frequency. While the crystals help absorb man made electromagnetic vibrations, the footbed helps tune the body back to its most supportive vibrational frequency.

Our sensitive bodily knowledge and attunement connects to these healing tools and supports in the maintenance of homeostasis throughout the inner ecosystem so that it can thrive in relationship with the outer ecosystem. We can further power our energetic and vibrational health through cognitive intentionality and connectedness to inner source, and thus ensure our well being on all levels of consciousness.