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The MAGNETIZE Kit is a curated collection of minerals and herbs for heightening focus and enhancing abundance. Great for magnifying intentions, increasing prosperity and finding disciplined focus. A potent collection for entrepreneurs, creators, artists and mothers.


CLEAR QUARTZ: AMPLIFIES :: Amplifies intentions + focuses energy
PEACH MOONSTONE: ENVISIONS :: Generates calm for increased creativity
HOWLITE: BALANCES :: Harmonizes left + right sides of the brain
PYRITE: ATTRACTS :: Magnetizes abundance + prosperity

Crystals are all hand selected for quality and place of origin. 


Magnetize Crystal Collection: 3-4" Brazilian Quartz, 1" Howlite, 1.5-3" Pyrite, 3-4" Peach Moonstone, 4" Sustainably Harvested Mt. Shasta Sage Stick 

*Each kit is complete with a linen carrier bag and instructional card.