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The RELAX Kit is a curated collection of crystals and minerals for deep relaxation. Ideal for finding a sense of calm and balance throughout the day. This collection an be used in the bath, meditation or placed in the home for uplifting peace and tranquility.
  • PINK TOURMALINE + LEPIDOLITE: SOOTHES:: Calms the mind + opens the heart
  • MOSS AGATE: NOURISHES :: Connects to the healing from the heart
  • GREEN MOONSTONE: EXPANDS :: Restores balances + opens one to new possibility 
  • AMETHYST : RESTORES :: Releases stress + increases tranquility

The RELAX Kit: 3-4" Amethyst cluster, 2-3" Green Moonstone palm stone, 2-3" Moss Agate worry stone, 1.5" tumbled Pink Tourmaline/Lepidolite, 4" Sustainably Harvested Mt. Shasta Sage Stick 

*Each collection comes with a linen bag and instructional card.