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The RESTORE Kit is a curated collection of crystals and cleansing herbs for body and space rejuvenation. Ideal for use in home and self-care practices and rituals. This cleaning kit helps to keep the vibration of the home and body lifted, bright and expansive. May help facilitate emotional healing and releasing fears, stress or anxiety. 


  • SELENITE: REFRESH: cleanses energetic body and space 
  • PALO SANTO: PURIFY: alchemizes energy into a higher vibration 
  • JUNIPER BUNDLE: PROTECTIVE: blesses new spaces or ventures
  • MT. SHASTA SAGE: RELEASES: transmutes and clears heavy energy


The RESTORE Kit includes: 1 Abalone Shell, 1 5" Selenite, 5" Sustainably Harvested Juniper Smudge Bundle, 4" Sustainably Harvested Mt. Shasta Sage Bundle, 2 Sustainably Harvested 5" Palo Santo Sticks

* items come with a linen bag and instructional card.