Crystal Care

Crystals store information by way of vibration. They are called the “wisdom keepers of the earth” as they hold onto information and data. Just as data drives get filled up with information, crystals need to be re-booted and restarted from time to time. You will know when your crystal needs cleansing as charging as it may start to feel “dull” or have an energetically lack luster.

Cleansing your crystal collections:

Ways To Cleanse:

Herb + Resin Smoke: Burning herbs and resins can create a cleansing smoke that will clear past, dense energy from the crystals

Sound Currents: Wavelengths from certain sounds can help to loosen stagnant energy from the stones and help to cleanse them.

Rice:Rice is highly absorbent and can be a great way to cleanse crystals.

Selenite: Crystals such as selenite, moldavite and kyanite are excellent cleansers (and chargers) or other stones. They hold a frequency of such that they can transmute denser energies from stones and help bring them back into radiance.

Cleansing Your Shoes:

Because of the natural materials, we recommend cleansing your ASTARA shoes by way of sound current or selenite. These ways help to maintain the quality of the materials while still cleansing the mineral adornments.