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ASTARA Mission Statement



We believe in the Oneness of all things, across time and space. It is through our connection to all, that we remember our wholeness, our sovereignty, and our inherited power to create worlds.


Our Mission is to create sustainable luxuries that bridge the worlds of spirit and matter, deeply connecting individuals to nature and their own landscape within.



Please refer to size guide below. If you are in between sizes, order a half size up. Our styles fit snug to the foot, and with wear begin to beautifully mold to your unique shaped foot for your perfect custom fit. 


US    EUROPE         UK            JAPAN
5 35 3 21.5
6 36 4 22.5
7 37 5 23.5
8 38 6 24.5
9 39 7 25.5
10 40 8 26.5
11 41 9 27.5